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Global Product Management Leader

Shaping the Future of Product Management Globally


With 22 years of leadership in product management, I'm a dedicated professional focused on driving growth and innovation. My approach combines a deep passion for results with a commitment to excellence.

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About Me

With a rich background in product management extending over two decades, I’ve led initiatives across diverse fields from Digital Media to Government, in Boston and now Dubai. This experience has cultivated a deep understanding of technology’s potential to drive growth and innovation, supported by my collaborative work with industry-leading minds.

My core expertise is in spearheading digital transformations and developing high-value products with a global impact. Recognized for my strategic approach to product management, agile transformations, and fostering effective cross-functional teams, my career is marked by a commitment to excellence and delivering tangible results.

My Areas of Expertise

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My Experience

2021 - Present

rai digital

Chief Product Officer
I serve as the strategic visionary and advocate for our portfolio of digital products. I lead the product management team to facilitate the creation of innovative, digital solutions that solve problems, generate results, and deliver amazing experiences

Aug 2018 - Dec 2020

boeing link

Head of Product, Commercial Analytics
Responsible for leading and recruitment of a team of 23 senior product managers to develop predictive and prescriptive analytics powered applications and solutions using technologies to support the 777, 787, and 737 airplane lines.

Jan 2012 - Aug 2018

Hasbro Logo.svg

Sr Manager, Product Management – eSports

I owned the competitive play digital experience, new feature development, backlog prioritization, risk analysis, engagement estimation, strategic planning, and roadmap for competitive play digital tools that reach 30 million players globally.

Recognized for Leadership in Product Management

I’m honored to be a Gartner Peer Community Ambassador for Product Management, spearheading discussions and insights among global leaders.

pagliocco gartner

I’ve been named a Top 25 Thought Leader for Product Management by, a recognition of my contributions and influence in the field.

Top 25 Product Management

In 2023, I partnered with Provin as one of their global industry experts vetting product management talent around the globe.


Check Out My Past Events

If you’re interested, then please feel free to take a tour of my past speaking engagements, interviews, and much more. 

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Featured Publications

I’m proud to showcase 2 of featured publications, 1 I was featured in as a top Product Leader, and 1 authored with the help of 1200+ survey respondents.

ceo 1

Top 10 CPOs of UAE 2023

CEO Insights ASIA presents a list of ‘Top 10 CPOs in UAE – 2023′ a list that was prepared by a distinguished panel of CXOs, and the editorial board.
Future of Product Managment

Future of Product Management 2024

My report provides a comprehensive analysis of identified future trends in Product Management capabilities, skills, and strategies for 2024.


Over the course of my career, I’ve been humbled by the kind words from people’s experiences with me in the product space.

Tony joined a high visibility program I was leading that was needing very specific and specialized execution helping to bring the discipline and knowledge of product management to our large IT organization. Tony stepped into the role and not only began providing immediate value but added a sense of empathy to our working dynamic that helped us see past some of our previous constraints. If you are looking for a passionate, driven, value-focused product leader Tony is the right leader for you.


Paris Forest

Sr Director, Boeing IT

No nonsense and fun, Tony was an excellent manager when I worked for him at Boeing. What always amazed me was his 'can-do' attitude, he was ALWAYS upbeat and ALWAYS positive. Tony gave me the space to do my job, but was always quick to respond if I had a question or needed help with anything. His product management and technology skill are high and he was a solid mentor to me at Boeing. I enjoyed working with and for Tony and would look forward to an opportunity to do so again in the future.

Racine png.png

Marc Racine

Global Agile Coach, Pfizer

It’s rare to find a leader who can clearly articulate the facts without the need to sugarcoat details. I reported to Tony, as he led Product Management within IT Analytics at Boeing. Tony has an audacious talent to spot out inefficiencies and tackle them at the highest level. He leads with great character and is equipped with the skills to develop teams. I recommend Tony Pagliocco to any organization looking to accelerate through Digital Transformation and build up an amazing Product team and culture!


Win Lam

Senior Product Manager, Boeing

Tony has been a supportive and strategically key Director in an environment where clear direction and management involvement were difficult to find. During our time at Boeing, Tony galvanized teams in his organization as well as teams reliant on delivery of quality services. He is direct but tactful and always reliable. i would welcome an opportunity to work with Tony again.

teresa rogerson

Teresa Rogerson

Director at Intel

Working with Tony right now is a game-changer. Tony's expertise in his field is unparalleled, and you'll be astounded by his broad knowledge across various domains. Also, his exceptional communication skills and coaching abilities come naturally to him. Most importantly, he stays at the forefront of technology news, boasting one of the most impressive tech stacks and toolsets I've encountered.

Faris Alanzi

Faris Alanazi

Data Analyst at Infinite pl

Tony is amazing at his job! He knows his way around people, and he does whatever it takes to help colleagues and gets things done. He makes sure that everyone is on the same page and focused on the main goal. The collaboration was very smooth and his assistance definitely made a huge impact on our success. His expertise as Product Head is outstanding and it helped our team.


Manjeet Singh

Data Science Manager, Hello Chef

Thought Leadership and Insights

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Tony Pagliocco 14 Apr 2024

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The Ethical Considerations in Product Development

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When it comes to user privacy, product managers must prioritize the protection of personal data. In an era where data breaches and privacy scandals are becoming increasingly common, it is essential for product managers to...

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Working With Older Digital Architecture: How To Continue Innovating

Tony Pagliocco 01 Mar 2023

In the ever-evolving digital landscape, working with older digital architecture presents unique challenges. However, it also offers opportunities for innovation. Here's how to navigate this terrain: Assess and Document: Begin by thoroughly assessing your current...

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