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 I speak on a range of in-demand career and leadership topics in popular formats, such as a short talk, a 90-minute keynote, an interactive lunch and learn or a leaders’ half day development session. I am engaging on-stage, at the front of a room or on-screen.

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Ready to Elevate Your Next Event?

As well as being a charismatic and inclusive speaker, my content has lasting impact, with many audience members saying they’re still using my strategies and techniques long after the event.


Audiences hear concepts that are simple to adopt and receive steps that are easy to put in place on-the-job. Your attendees leave motivated and excited to try something new to empower their work and careers.

Keynote Speaker

Topics You Can Book Me For

Product Management

Any topic about the product management discipline, from strategy, to delivery, and much more.

Agile Transformation

My experience in global agile transformation, agile principles, values, or how to live an agile life.

Breaking into Product

Geared towards those who want to get into product management but are unsure how to do it.

Motivational Keynotes

Using my lived experience, I can take audiences on a journey on how to conquer challenges and win.

Workshop Facilitation

Need a 3rd party to facilitate that difficult workshop? Then I'm the person with the experience you need.

Leadership Design

Need someone to be the change agent to kickstart a transformation, then you need not look any further.

Book a Personal Consultation

For Our Meeting

In our consultation my goal is exploring how we can make your event unforgettable with the perfect keynote speaker. Here’s an example agenda to make the most of our 30 minutes:


  1. Quick Introduction (3 minutes)

    • A brief hello and overview of our consultation’s goal: to align on your vision and how a keynote speaker can amplify your event’s success.

  2. Understanding Your Vision (10 minutes)

    • Dive into the heart of your event: what are your aspirations, themes, and the impact you envision your speaker to have?

  3. Key Logistics and Budget (7 minutes)

    • Discuss the critical when and where, plus any budget constraints, to keep our speaker suggestions realistic and on target.

  4. Next Steps Forward (5 minutes)

    • Outline actionable steps post-consultation, ensuring we have a clear path toward selecting your speaker.

  5. Q&A: Your Concerns Addressed (5 minutes)

    • I’m here to answer any burning questions and ensure you’re comfortable and excited about what comes next.

To Get Ready: Think about the key outcomes you desire from your event and any specific speaker attributes or topics you’re drawn to. The more you share, the better I can personalize our conversation to your needs.

Need a Podcast Guest?

Looking for an expert podcast guest? Dive into the world of product management, consulting, leadership, team building, or agile methodologies with me! With a vast history of engaging discussions across numerous podcasts, I bring a wealth of insights and real-world experiences to the table. Let’s captivate your audience together.

Reach out now to make your next episode a hit!

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