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“A Healthy Idea” Podcast

Today’s special guest is Tony Pagliocco, a globally experienced product leader who formally served as a Sr Manager of Product Management for Wizards of the Coast (Hasbro) and as Head of Product for the Commerical Aviation Manufacturing Analytics division at Boeing.

Tony talks about the importance of data to inform product decisions and deliver value. It’s what supported the success of products where he’s led the product roadmap, vision and strategy, and prioritizes that mindset in building a high value company. An evangelist of a product-manager approach to startups, Tony frequently speaks on product management at organizations such as Product School, geared to bring more bright talent into the tech industry.


The video features Tony discussing the integration of digital health and e-commerce into the global entrepreneurship landscape. With his rich background in product management and experience working in diverse markets, Tony provides insights into developing innovative solutions that cater to a global audience.

Here are the key highlights:

🌍 Global Shift in Entrepreneurship: Tony emphasizes the importance of innovation and agility in today’s business world. He reflects on his journey from software engineering to product management and how it shaped his approach to entrepreneurship.

🚀 E-commerce Evolution: Tony highlights how e-commerce platforms are revolutionizing the way we access and consume healthy food, making it more convenient and tailored to our lifestyles.

💡 Innovation in Digital Health: The conversation delves into how technology is being leveraged to address critical health issues, underscoring the role of startups in bringing these innovations to the forefront.

🌐 Diverse Work Environment: Tony praises companies with diverse product teams, noting how it brings a wide range of perspectives and expertise to the table, enhancing the company’s ability to cater to a global clientele.

🥘 Customer-Centric Product Development: The focus on customer feedback and data analysis is crucial in developing products that meet the evolving needs of consumers, particularly in the health and wellness sector.

💼 Adaptation to Market Needs: Tony’s experiences highlight the necessity of adapting to changing market dynamics and customer preferences, especially in the context of the global pandemic, which has accelerated the shift towards digital platforms and health-conscious living.

🌟 Entrepreneurial Spirit in Dubai: The video also touches on the entrepreneurial ecosystem in Dubai, showcasing it as a hub for innovation and startup growth, supported by government initiatives and a culture of collaboration among expats.


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