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Dubai SEM CTO Meetup

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The Dubai SEM CTO Group is designed for Engineering ManagersDirectorsEngineering VPs and CTOs who are seeking to connect, enhance their leadership skills and exchange their experiences with like-minded individuals. Their mission is to help software engineering leaders across the UAE advance their skills and thus improve their organizations and results, all while building a lasting and strong community.  I did a keynote on “Bridging Product and Engineering Relationships”

Their meetups range from focused discussions about a specific topic to free flowing, unstructured exchanges of ideas. Topics include


  • Hiring
  • Processes, methodologies and frameworks used throughout the SDLC
  • Cooperation with different functions across the org
  • Career coaching
  • Performance reviews
  • Measuring productivity and predictability
  • Driving accountability
  • Decision making
  • Delivering feedback
  • Managing remote teams
  • Resolving conflicts

Check them out at


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