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ProductME Ask Me Anything

ProductME Pagliocco

ProductME is a vibrant community for product enthusiasts committed to positively impacting each other’s growth. They host monthly product meetups in Dubai, UAE, and plan to expand to other parts of the Middle East.

Their community has been rapidly growing since our launch in November 2021. They now have over 500 members enthusiastic about engaging, learning, and connecting with others who share their passion for product stories from the region.

ProductME celebrated its first year of fostering connections, learning, and nurturing a community of like-minded individuals passionate about making a difference in the product landscape. As part of this celebration, ProductME extended an invitation for attendees to engage in an open dialogue with renowned Product Leaders from the Middle East.

For this special occasion, ProductME hosted a panel featuring two distinguished Product Leaders who embraced the challenging task of addressing questions that product enthusiasts had always yearned to ask. The panelists included Ronnie Varghese, VP Digital Product at Seera Group, and Tony Pagliocco, Chief Product Officer at RAI Digital. Both leaders were prepared to tackle a wide range of inquiries, shedding light on their experiences and insights.

ProductME encouraged all attendees to seize this opportunity to voice their questions and engage in a meaningful exchange of ideas. The event was designed to empower individuals to ask pressing questions and contribute to the evolving product landscape in the region. It was a chance for everyone to gain clarity, learn from the experiences of seasoned leaders, and make an impact in the field of product management.


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