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Chief Product Officer Summit 2022


The Chief Product Officer Summit, hosted by the Product Led Alliance, is an esteemed event specifically tailored for top-tier product executives. This exclusive gathering serves as a platform for Chief Product Officers (CPOs) to engage with their counterparts in a prestigious setting. The summit is designed to facilitate the sharing of valuable insights and strategies among product leaders, addressing common challenges and fostering accelerated growth within their respective organizations. At this event, I had the privilege of being featured on a panel focused on “Product Strategy: Growing and Scaling.” This discussion provided a unique opportunity to delve into the intricacies of expanding and scaling product offerings, drawing from a wealth of collective experience and expertise in the field.

Built around the hottest topics in product management, the CPO Summit is one of the world’s most watched gatherings that brings some of the leading product leaders from every corner of the globe.

Just some of the cutting-edge talking points on the agenda include:

📈 Establishing & executing your product strategy

🙇 How to build an empowered product management team

📊 Gathering data and influencing the product roadmap

🚀 Structuring the product organization and scaling


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