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Keynote Speaker

EAI 2023

Enterprise Agility for Innovation Conference

Hosted by the ACM Team, the Enterprise Agility for Innovation Conference was a key gathering aimed at fostering enterprise agility and driving innovation across organizations. The conference delves into the critical role of the agile approach in enabling organizations to be more flexible, adaptable, and forward-thinking, thereby facilitating impactful innovation. My keynote was titled “Innovation: 2030 and Beyond”

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ProductCon 2019 1 ProdcutCon 19

Organized by Product School and structured around the hottest topics in Product, ProductCon takes place four times per year, and gathers product professionals from all over the world. Generally regarded as the worlds largest product management conference. I was a featured speaker where I presented on “Expectation Management for Product Managers”. ProdcutCon 19 Read More »

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