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ProductME Ask Me Anything

To celebrate year 1 in operations, ProductME hosted a panel featuring two distinguished Product Leaders who embraced the challenging task of addressing questions that product enthusiasts had always yearned to ask. The panelists included Ronnie Varghese, VP Digital Product at Seera Group, and Tony Pagliocco, Chief Product Officer at RAI Digital. Both leaders were prepared answer anything and everything.

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Chief Product Officer Summit 2022

The Chief Product Officer Summit, organized by the Product Led Alliance, represents a premier gathering designed for the upper echelons of product leadership. This exclusive event offers a unique opportunity for Chief Product Officers (CPOs) to connect with their peers in an elite environment, fostering an exchange of insights and strategies aimed at tackling common challenges and propelling accelerated growth within their organizations. The panel I was featured on was on the topic of “Product Strategy : Growing and Scaling”.

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ProductCon 2019 1 ProdcutCon 19

Organized by Product School and structured around the hottest topics in Product, ProductCon takes place four times per year, and gathers product professionals from all over the world. Generally regarded as the worlds largest product management conference. I was a featured speaker where I presented on “Expectation Management for Product Managers”. ProdcutCon 19 Read More »

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